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Tooth jewelry is popular and absolutely painless procedure that gives extra look to your smile.

For tooth jewelry you can use:
Crystals - small Swarovski crystals that shine as gemstones.
Skyce - gem or semigems shaped as hearts, diamonds, stars etc.
Twinkles - miniature products from white gold and stones.

Installation of crystals or gemstones is done via application and filling.

Application jewelry
With application method crystals, twinkles or skyces are glued to tooth surface via special substance. The gluing process is quite simple and is not dangerous for the enamel.

For tooth decoration we use crystals with flat bottom that fit tightly to the surface. Different stones can be from 1 to 4 mm in diameter. This jewelry does not hinder eating or tooth brushing.

The dentist glues the crystal to the visible tooth, so you`ll get a nice shining smile effect. Some clinics and dentists call this method "dent-art”.

The glue that is applied to the tooth can differ, depending on desirable time you want to wear your crystal. The usual glue fixes the jewelry for two weeks. But if you want to remove your application before that period ends, you can also do it fast and painless. For long lasting effect we use other glue that holds the jewelry for more than two weeks.

Filling jewelry
To fix the gem for a longer period we can do a filling with a gem.

This method is more difficult than application, and it is better that a professional dentist will do it.

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