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It’s never too late to improve your smile. That's why adult orthodontics offer a full range of options in adult orthodontics, including clear braces. Your age is not a factor as long as the bone and gum tissue surrounding your teeth are healthy. Many adult patients obtain orthodontics treatment and are delighted with the results, not only to straighten their teeth, but also to help improve their bite, align their upper and lower jaws, and create an overall younger looking appearance.

Because an adult person's bones are no longer growing, certain extreme corrections involving the facial bones cannot be accomplished with braces alone. Occasionally, adult orthodontic treatment may have to be combined with the efforts of an oral & maxillofacial surgeon to achieve the optimal result.

Other than lack of jaw growth, there are other factors that sometimes complicate adult orthodontic treatment. These may be clinical aspects such as existing gum problems, loss of or damage to teeth, numerous fillings, crowns and bridges.

Jaw Surgery (Orthognathic Surgery)
If your teeth do not fit well together, if you have a disproportional face, a gummy smile, an under or overbite, or a jaw size that is too big or too small, you probably have jaw problems.

There are many treatments available to improve facial balance, improve your aesthetics and smile, correct your bite to help you eat better, eliminate jaw or TMJ related pain, and increase your teeth health and longevity. New techniques and technology now decrease your treatment time, enhance recovery, and get you back to normal activities sooner.

Orthognathic surgery is needed when teeth don't meet correctly and/or the jaws have not grown into their correct positions. The treatment is typically done working with an Orthodontist, who using braces, straightens the teeth and aligns them to come into a normal biting position for the repositioned jaw bones. This not only improves facial appearance, but also ensures that teeth meet correctly and function properly.

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